Wednesday, February 25, 2009

PhotoShop Express

Hello everyone, I just finished editing my picture of me and my little cousin. When she was little I was her favorite cousin, and it is still true today. I edited my favorite picture of us. I hope that you like it. HERE is the link.

Online Graphics - Crappy Graphics

Man I am falling behind lol. Oh well, creating the crapy graphic was really easy once I figured out how to use the editing tools. Well here is the Hard copy, and this is the link.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Online Graphics Kid Zones

I created a pie graph to depict the percentages of students with IEP in AR, MS, UT, and WV. I also decided to use a line graph to depict how WV compared to the national mathematics test scores. I saved my work Here, and I used a program on the internet Here.

Online Graphics - Kids Zone

I used paint to create this graphic. I used google to find various images of cartoon people to use in my graphic. I plan to try to use Gimp for my next project. Gimp is a free version of Paint Shop that I found using google, but due to time constraints I used paint and microsoft word to illistrate the words in the graphic. I placed my image in google documents. HERE

Monday, February 16, 2009

Image Capture

During my trials with image capture I found out that the process is fairly easy. I first tried to utilize Gimp, a free version of Photo Shop I found on the internet. This program was able to utilize image capture, but I was not prepared to use the software myself. There are many different features and I found myself asking more questions then answers. I then turned to Paint mainly because it was suggested from the instructions. I still found it difficult to manuver around in Paint, but I after making several errors I was able to efficiently create a picture from five different image captures. I combined all five into one complete picture depicting an activity I like to endulge in. I have realized why many of you cannot locate the material that I have completed thus far. Everything that I have done except for the video is located on G Documents, and in order for you to see them you have to add me as a friend and then ask for promission to see the information. My example of Image Capture is HERE.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Dale's Cones of Experience

Hey I finished the Dale's Cones of Experience. It was rather easy to complete. I only hope that you are able to review it. HERE


No matter what I tried FTP would not work with my computer. I had the document ready, and when I went to Post the information to the site, it would not let me. I found out later it was because my computer used Internet Explorer 8 and the FTP site would not work with anything Internet Explorer 7 and up. So this assignment ended in failure.

A little late, but here is the Resume

I have my resume up and posted to google documents. I hope that everyone will get to see it. here