Friday, January 30, 2009

Photo Story

This was the first time that I have ever made a movie on any software, and I loved it. Being able to edit the picture to the specks that I wanted was really a neat option. I also liked how words could be superimposed onto the picture itself. Even though, being able to crop was a little different, because it did not let me do somethings that I wanted to do. Overall I liked this software. Here is the link, but please do not be judgemental. My sound card is kaput. HERE

First Blog

When this class started, I believed that the course would closely resemble my communication class that I took as an undergraduate. There is a major difference the I overlooked. While Technology Education is broad, Educational Technology is set to a specific area.

Before this class I had a Gmail account and posted a few blogs on Myspace. As for using any of the other technologies that we will utilize in this class, some I have heard about and others are still a mystery to me. FTP was a complete mystery to me until I read the information on it. The biggest problem with FTP is that I have Internet Explorer 8 and it cannot be accessed with anything Internet Explorer 7 or above. That is a dilemma that I am going to discuss with our professor.

As a future educator being able to use the computer in the classroom has almost become a necessity in our society. So in order for me to meet those requirements, I am going to have to become technologically literate in a variety of educational technologies to have a greater chance for success in my classroom. Even though I am knowledgeable about a variety of technologies, I still need to adapt and gain more knowledge to have the impact I wish to leave on the next generation.