Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fun with Data Assignments 1-3

When I first started to work on this assignment there was a little confusion of what was to be done, and I was able to make significant progress once I figured out some things. Part one was in my opinion the easy part of the assignment. All that we had to do was show that we could format years two and three to look exactly like year one. There was a few snags as I tried to complete this however. Year three has an extra row of information that does not have a heading. I chose to leave the information alone because it would not have any effects on answering any of the quesitons. There was also a cell that contained a formula. I just deleted the formula because I could not find where it had any signifcance. I then moved on to part two of the assignment. I have to admit that I was a little rusty when creating the formulas, but it did not take me long to figure out how to make them work. If anyone reads this here is an important tip, even though there are no graduates in year one and year two, it is still a good idea to add them to the formula that calcualtes your total participants because they will not register if you try to use this page in the future. I then moved on to part three. I didn't have any problems with part 2, and if you already have a good understanding of exell then you will have no trouble with part three, the only difficulty is manuvering from one worksheet to the next. When I was an undergraduate I took a class on computer concepts and one of instructional technology and both of my professors had me create a grading book on excell. I really like the way that information can be stored and used to help in the grading process. HERE is my completed work in excell.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This assignment was very straight foreward. As long as you watched the link, all you needed to do is spend a little time using the function. This ability to create quizes or tests on the internet has a real big advantage for teachers. The program is very simplistic and offers several different ways to answer the questions. I also like the feature that every students name and answers are automaticly incerted into a spreadsheet for easy grading. an awesome example of instrucitonal technology. HERE is my Quiz.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Windows Movie Maker

This assignment was fairly easy. I can see where this application would be very useful to the educator. Sorry that this post will not be very long. I am leaving in 10 mins to go to the TSA conference at Ceder Lakes this weekend. Here is my movie. HERE.